We provide one-on-one and group coaching in leadership, well-being, career development, communication, and strategic planning, both in Japanese and English.


BetterUpは世界中に4000人近いプロフェッショナルコーチを擁する世界最大のコーチングエージェントですが、BetterUp for Individuals (Formerly BetterUp Direct)という個人でコーチングセッションを申し込めるプログラムを持っています。

BetterUp for Individuals プログラムであれば、もし、わたし以外のコーチのセッションを受けてみたいと思った場合でもあなたに合ったコーチをAIが探してくれます。



An Individual who is looking for personal one-on-one coaching can apply through BetterUp's personal programs.

BetterUp is the world's largest coaching platform with nearly 4,000 professional coaches worldwide. They offer a program called BetterUp for Individuals (Formerly BetterUp Direct), which allows individuals to sign up for coaching sessions independently.

With the BetterUp for Individuals program, if you ever wish to try sessions with a coach other than myself, AI will help you find a coach that suits your needs.

Additionally, you can access world-class learning materials beyond coaching sessions.

If you are interested, please inquire and apply through the following website.